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  • Promotional products provide you with ultimate exposure!  They can be your most valuable marketing tool, providing continual name recognition beyond, and sometimes even before the sale.  Don't miss this train!  Image Station is a member of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), the governing board of the industry.  Promotional products allow others to promote your business for you.  When someone is proudly donning a hat or drinking from a mug enhanced with your logo, they are adamantly purporting to be a satisfied customer and are pleased to show support of your company, its products and services. 
    Everything that is created and distributed with your logo or company name on it says something about you.  In short, these items reflect your company's philosophy, attitude and style.  Keeping your name subtly in front of the public on a daily basis is the perfect promotion. The more places your name appears, the more apt you'll be to make the next sale. 

    No matter what your budget, audience, theme or objective, Image Station can create an avenue to provide a view of your company that is uniquely your own.  Image Station offers an endless array of promotional products that can display your logo, company name or pertinent information.  You can peruse these products either in catalog form or via our ASI software.  Some of our most successful items are:
    Golf Accessories Pens Mugs
    Embroidered Hats Key Chains Embroidered Shirts
    Water Bottles Tote Bags Koozies

    Image Station attendants will work closely with you to find a quality promotional product that best meets your marketing needs.  After all...  the better they look, the better you look!