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As in the days of the distinguished steam trains, image is everything.  In some cases, it's even more important than the products or services you are offering.  Your initial SuperStation visit entitles you to a complimentary hour of Image Consulting.  You will be requested to fill out a questionnaire, which will provide our image consultant with an overall understanding of your company, its products and services.  Our consultant will also request information about the aspirations and goals of your organization.

After acquiring pertinent information from you, Image Station will begin to define a concept that captures your company's philosophy, attitude and personality.  As we all know , the most practical product or highest quality service is not necessarily the one that receives recognition, or brings financial reward.  The Pet Rock is a prime example. Public perception plays a vital role in the success of your company.  We will provide you with a comprehensive Image Enhancement Plan outlining the necessary steps you will need to take to attain both your short range and long term goals.  You can meet with our image consultant at any time thereafter to update your Image Enhancement Plan so it stays abreast of your company's current status, needs and challenges.

At Image Station, we take pride in our persistence in satisfying our customers.  Our consultants will strive to treat you as courteously and professionally as possible.  They will be consumed with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm in an effort to assist you in reaching your desired goals, in a timely manner and within your budget. Each consultation will be conducted with confidence.  We are well aware that the success of our business is directly proportionate to the success of your business!