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Please contact our graphics department for instructions and log-in information for transferring your files to our servers.

FTP Server Name

Common problems with uploading images using Internet Explorer:

  • Make sure that you have "Enable folder view for FTP sites" checked.  This box can be found by clicking the Tools button and then Internet Options

    This will allow you to see our FTP server and will allow you to transfer you files to Image Station.

  • You will be prompted for a user name and password.  Please ask our graphics experts for the user name and password.

  • Using Windows Explorer highlight the file/files you wish to send to the server.  Go to Edit and then Copy or press CTRL+C

  • Now place you cursor on the Internet Explorer window and click anywhere in the window.  Now click  Edit and then Paste or CTRL+V to start transferring you files.

  • Once you see your files in the Internet Explorer browser, you have successfully uploaded your files