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When it comes to maximizing the potential of advertising... the train stops here!  Direct mail advertising is the answer to a multitude of promotional questions.  What is the most direct, least expensive way to market to the masses?  How can I gain access to certain groups of prospects?  In certain areas?  At certain income levels?  Let Image Station's direct mail house help you target specific markets.  Direct mail allows you to distribute your promotional material to specific areas, rather than a blanket approach.  Honing in on a target audience aids in the sale of your company's products and services.  This guarantees that the marketing dollars you are spending are going directly where they are needed most.
Image Station will design an effective mail piece, print it to your specifications, and utilize a quarter of a million postal workers to distribute your company's information.

Mailing lists are one of the most affordable sources for accurate and targeted sales leads.  We will utilize your database, or rent an appropriate list for you.  We will process the list, eliminating non-mailable and duplicate addresses, to ensure that it is as accurate and as extensive as possible.  Image Station can direct imprint, or print and affix mailing labels onto your printed pieces.  By offering the latest in technological mailing services, such as Zip+4, carrier route sorting and bar coding, Image Station saves you labor, money and time in reaching your target audience.  Increase your sales and profits by maximizing your marketing proficiency... direct mail advertising!