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When youíve only got a moment to make an impact Interactive Media gives you
the advantage. Unlike a piece of paper a computer-based publication can combine words and pictures with sound, animation and video for both interest and information. Most importantly and unlike any other media, a computer-based publication can respond to interaction from the reader. It
allows them to move through the document in the way that is relevant to them, to jump to specific places, get further details, prices or place an order simply by clicking a button. 

Multimedia is already a favorite tool for the business presentation professional. Image Station offers you the ability to add rich media to standard business presentations and promotional items, and it also allows you to extend that presentation and promotion into new modes by adding interactivity and distribution of the finished publication. 

Multimedia also provides numerous new opportunities for extra dimensions in learning, training and the creative arts. Imagine placing your resume on
a CD-ROM, complete with a video of you describing your skills to a perspective employer, or a CD business card that you could hand to a customer. You could also place your entire catalog on a CD, complete with pictures, video, music and a voice over highlighting key features within your
product line. Your customer could then fill out an order form and print it, or by clicking one button connect to the internet to place his order.

Presentations usually created in PowerpointTM and then projected slide by
slide have been around for years. Now imagine a multimedia presentation

projected onto that screen, complete with video, animation, music and voice
over, all controlled by you at a click of the button. Now thatís impact!

Engineering schematics, part lists and build drawings can be placed on CD-ROMs
for assemblers, engineers and field service technicians.

In store Kiosks and promotions.

CD-ROMs can be mass produced, and depending on quantity, quite inexpensively.
Do you have a skill that youíd like to teach the world? If you are a
skilled artist or craftsman, how about teaching your craft from a CD and mass
producing it for profit. Image Station can help, from concept through

Multimedia is the next step beyond the printed piece, itís the future and ití s at the Image Station.